Founded August 1st,  1988

Skyline is an industrial painting company with a long history in the field. Our painters are well-trained and have more than the adequate amount of experience to tackle any painting job thrown their way.


One of the most important aspects of a contracting company’s culture is valuing safety. Skyline safety systems meet OSHA and owner’s specifications. We have an on-going safety program so that all of our painters are always certified and prepared for any job.


Skyline evaluates the whole project and makes sure the job is done effectively and in the most economical manner.


Skyline’s experienced painters are able to easily analyze the existing condition of surfaces to determine the proper preparation, application techniques, and materials that need to be applied to any job.

Skyline’s long history in the painting industry has equipped our company to be able to advise on which colors would be best for certain areas and different uses. Our company is well versed in choosing the best color to maximize light reflection for increased visibility, energy savings, aesthetics and practicality.


Skyline application techniquesutilized by our expert painters insure that a quality job is done, all while still keeping downtime to a minimum and meeting your ideal deadline.

Equipment and Manpower

Skyline possesses a large amount of equipment to tackle various job conditions, and employs experienced journeymen with the knowledge to use this equipment safely and effectively.

Corrosion Control

Skyline specializes in adding years of life to corrodible surfaces by completing jobs with care and taking pride in our craftsmanship. The right paint job can keep a plant running smoothly for years, and with Skyline the job is always right.

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